Development of the Design Documentation

Development of the Design Documentation

Any industrial facility, in particular, a nuclear power plant, requires the preparation of design documents that define all construction, functional and process aspects. Experienced specialists of ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center are ready to take upon themselves all issues on the preparation of these documents.

What is the work on the preparation of documents

  • Development of documents is a labor-intensive multistep process. During the preparation of design documents, our specialists will prepare the following sections:
  • A construction management plan
  • Requirements to safe operation
  • List of environmental activities
  • Fire safety control measures, etc.

Result Obtained

By ordering the preparation of design documentation from ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center, the customer can be sure that all documents will be prepared exactly on time and in strict accordance with the current laws. Our large experience allows developing design documents for a NPP, regardless of its size and location.