Delivery of Equipment and Spare Parts

Delivery of Equipment and Spare Parts

Any nuclear power plant is a sophisticated process complex, its normal functioning requires regular change of the failing equipment components and use of spare parts. ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center is able to take upon itself all and any matters related to delivery of equipment and spare parts for the NPP.

Our Work Particularities

Our specialists will select the spare parts and equipment necessary for the customer based on the current condition of the NPP, the planned scope of work of the plant and the load at it. We will take into account the customer’s wishes not only directly regarding the quality of spare parts, but also regarding the specifics of their delivery and transportation.

Result of Cooperation with Us

ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center will help its customer to get the following advantages:

  1. The NPP equipment will be fully smoothly running due to timely deliveries.
  2. All spare parts and equipment will be of exceptionally high quality.
  3. Deliveries are made exactly on time as agreed.
  4. Our specialists are proficient in all the aspects of spare parts and equipment for installation at NPPs.