About our Company

ELECTRODYNAMICS means reliable safety of nuclear power plants.

ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center OOO was established in 1991 and specializes in improvement of the safety of nuclear power plants. Since the foundation of the company, its founder has been its General Director Vladimir Konstantinovich Dzugaev, a graduate of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Main Partners and Customers.

Today, many companies actively cooperate with ELECTRODYNAMICS Engineering Center OOO, including Siemens, AREVA GmbH, VUEZ a.s, Adridiesel, Zaporozhtransformator Private Joint Stock Company, JSC “Turboatom”.

Our technical services are provided to more than tens of our customers, the main ones of them are nuclear power plants – branches of «Rosenergoatom» JSC, including the Kola NPP, Kursk NPP, Rostov NPP, Smolensk NPP and other NPPs.

Our Services and Distinctive Features.

If compared to our competitors, our work covers at once all areas related to the maintenance of nuclear power plants. The wide range of maintenance services for electromechanical and thermal mechanical equipment of NPPs provided by ELECTRODYNAMICS

Engineering Center OOO includes:

  • Extension of the operating life of plants
  • Diagnostics and repair of nuclear power plant components
  • Development of the necessary design documentation
  • Delivery of spare parts and equipment
  • Construction and assembly works